Apps have changed my life. I’ve just finished my third workout with a silly personal trainer app, and I feel so proud. I know my calorie burn etc isn’t high but I am proud of myself.

I struggle with my weight, and I am on medication. I eat healthy as hell, using an app to help monitor my calorie intake. I am a fat vegan.

I have major depression, so me getting motivated has only been a thing I was capable of these past few months. I also have anxiety, and so going to a gym or working out outside wasn’t an option.

But I am into my second week of this nine week challenge, and I think it 100% doable. I feel very glad about this.

blogging while stoned - why all dis nice food on my blog and not in my mouth right now

  • Men: Not all men.
  • Tumblr: Bullshit!
  • Cops: Not all cops.
  • Tumblr: Fuck you.
  • Carnists: Not all farms.
  • Tumblr: THIS. Stupid vegans.